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Electrolyte Cubes

Now Available In Cubes That Don't Melt In Your Pocket!


Made for  Horse Lovers, by Horse Lovers

We wanted more out of our traditional horse treats. During COVID, the supply of sugar cubes became scarce and we decided to set out and create a treat that was not only loved by our horses, but served a purpose as well. Our patent pending, proprietary formula incorporates electrolytes in small quantities into an established treat of sugar cubes with a goal to help to encourage hydration.

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How to Introduce Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes to Your Horse

Meet The                                   Dream Team

Jen Gibbard, Exceptional Equestrian

"I love to feed a few cubes as I’m getting my horse, Dream, ready. When we are done with our ride, she gets more for both hydration and a treat. I also like to utilize them during weather changes to make sure she is hydrated! Whenever she hears the container, she knickers for them!"
Funky Unicorn Treats

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